Online Craps

Playing Craps can be intimidating for all new players. The craps table in itself is one of more complicated gaming tables throughout the entire table games category. Craps is a dice game that can be played against other players or the bank. Online Craps is usually played against the bank at most online casinos.

How to play online craps?

An important thing to always remember when playing online craps is that the game isn’t complicated to learn, it is the different wagers of the game that is hard to understand at first. There are both the simplified wagers and the most difficult ones.

Overall the game itself is pretty easy to learn and master. A great thing about playing online is that you can play in free mode before going to real money mode. This gives all players the chance to understand the rules and wagers of the game.

Craps rules

The game rules are quite different online versus at a land based casino. However, the main objective is the same for both versions.

Players are allowed to make a variety of different bets while playing craps. The four most common types of bets in a crap game are the Pass Line Bet, Don’t Pass Bet, Come Bet, and the Odds Bet. In the Pass Line Bet, if the player rolls a seven or an eleven, they will automatically win.

If the corresponding first roll is a two, three or eleven, then the player will lose. Any other number will be considered a point. This point must be rolled again before another seven or eleven is revealed to be considered a winner. If there is a point on the table, the seven will be considered a loser.

With the Don’t Pass Bet wager, you usually bet against the shooter. If the player rolls a seven or eleven, it will be a lost bet, but if the player rolls a two or a three, you will win. However, if the player rolls a twelve, it will be considered a tie.

The Odds Bet coincides with the earning of a point. You make this wager on the point number being rolled before a seven or eleven is rolled. Depending on what the point offer is will determine your pay out on the wager.

When you wager on the Come Bet, it is similar to the Pass Line Bet. This bet can only be made after a come out roll has been made to determine a point.

Craps table

The craps table is identical on both halves, to accommodate the players. There are different sections on the table showing players the different wagers that can be made. Before the roll of the dice, different wagers can be made. Each round begins with a come out roll and the come out roll.

Online Craps is played with Random Generators allowing for the outcome of every round resulting in fairness and randomness. There are many winning strategies available for all players. Find the one that best suits your preferences to see if you can maximize your winnings.